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  • So sorry to comment so late but my gosh o.o

    Your writing skill is pretty much the most perfect thing I've ever seen. I love how you describe everything so vividly and easily, it's smooth and I love the quick releases! It's amazing because all of your editions are so amazing, and just oh my gosh I'm fingerling XD

    I would like to thank thou for gifting me with the honor of reading your magnificent writing and sharing thou abilities c:

  • Wow quick releases, 5th o.o

    Cool how "I" managed to get the egg with such little problems ;) beating all the guys and Fleur *does a little dance* I'm curious how "I" will figure out the egg clue... do we get to have a bubble bath in the prefect bathroom too? Or do we trip and fall with it into the lake? Or what? I know you probably don't want to give spoilers, but I'm just thinking out loud XD

  • xxblutixx,yeah,you know how 'I'/'you' am/are so kickass ^_^ Now now darlin',I'm giving away nothing! But I will release the next part quickly,so you will find out then :D Oh and I do release them quickly o.o

  • Part 25 is up!


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