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  • That was an awesome lion king video XD I LOVE DISNEY! ^^ I agree... kids are so innocent *sigh* those were good days haha I used to step only inside the tiles at stores because if I stepped on a line, the ground would open up in a huge earthquake :P

    LOL the twins and their beards :3 ohhhh boyyyyy :x noo the Goblet didn't just... oh boyyy...

  • Lol,I was SOOOO bored when i was writing this i put in random stuff here and there ;D

  • Yay, I saw Piper's name! WOOHOO! *cheers*

    Ahem. Anyway, I can't believe that ____'s name came out as well! I was like "FISDDHIFS" and then I was all "..wut.." but in short this was very awesomeful~!

    Sor ry, I'm hyper. Can't wait for the next part~!

  • Part 22 is up..


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