Hogwarts and Harry Potter Part 2

Hey! This is the third quiz in my Harry Potter series! You have to take parts one and zero to know everything. I was in a rush so I'm sorry if this quiz is horrible. Thanks anyway. Enjoy this hopefully good quiz!

Before you met your friends and saved them from a troll. Enjoy this quiz!!! Filling up space need some words enjoy this quiz thank you sorry for the random writing thanks and enjoy finally done!

Created by: ColliesRule35
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  1. You leave the bathrooms and head to potions. All the older students say that potions is a boring class. You head down to the nasty dungeons and sit in the seat in the very back. Two minutes later, all the students in Gryffindor and Slytherin were seated. "We need some seating changes," Snape said. "Ron, in the front. Neville, behind Ron. Draco, next to Harry. Hermione, next to Neville. Shall we begin?" Snape talked about the most boring things. Snape dismissed you late because he claimed that Harry was distracting Draco.
  2. You walked to your common room and as you walked down the stairs, they moved. You went up the stairs and opened the door in front of you. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in front of you. "Sorry, it's just me," you say. "Is that a cat meowing?" asks Ron. Then you hear it and all four of you run, lighting up the fires around it.
  3. You came to a locked door and Harry and Ron panicked. Hermione and you went to the door but Hermione opened it first. You stepped in first, and then you see a giagantic three-headed dog. One head lifts his head up first when you notice a door below his head. The other two heads wake up with it. They notice all of you and then you all scream and run. You all arrive at the Gryffindor common room when Hermione tells you that there was a trapdoor. "I saw it. It's obviously not there by accident." Hermione says, "I'm going to go before you come up with a plan that will get us killed or even worse, expelled." She slams the door on you and you decide to roam around Hogwarts. You then see a quill on the floor. You've been low on quills for a while. You pick it up when you hear footsteps. "What do you think you're doing with my quill?" The unmistakeable voice of Draco Malfoy comes nearer to you. "That's my quill and give it back." You don't say anything. Then you hear more footsteps coming towards you.
  4. Harry and Ron come toward you. You are relieved. "What are you doing with _____?" says Harry. "She won't give my quill back." "Well she found it and it's hers," shouted Ron. "Never mind," you say and hand the quill back to Draco. "You'll be sorry when I get some nasty revenge on you tomorrow." He walks away.
  5. You, Harry, and Ron walk back to the common room. You're nervous for tomorrow, but you don't know if Malfoy will keep his word. You, Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk to Hagrid's hut. Hagrid accidentally tells you about Nicholas Flamel. "We'll find some facts about him in the library," you said. Everyone looked for him but no one noticed anything about him.
  6. It's Gryffindor VS Slytherin. Everyone is on their brooms and then the game begins! You cheer with Hermione and Ron when Gryffindor scores ten points. In a matter of seconds, Gryffindor scores again. Slytherin is hopeless. One of the Slytherin players grabs a beater's broom and hits the Gryffindor captain, Oliver Wood, of his broom. Gryffindor booed the foul play and then Slytherin scored. Gryffindor was mad as the Slytherins cheered. All of a sudden, Harry's broom seemed to be jinxed.
  7. "Snape! He's jinxing the broom!" Hermione shouts. "Hermione, go distract him before he does damage!" you shout. Hermione runs up a flight of stairs and then she's gone. Neville comes up to you and says, "What's wrong with his broom?" "Snape's jinxing it!" Ron shouts. Neville smiles at you and walks back to the stands. "C'mon Hermione," Ron prays. "Fire! You're on fire!" some teacher shouts. You smile and are relieved. Harry's broom stopped moving and he was off again.
  8. Harry reached out to grab the snitch and then he fell off his broom. Hermione showed up next to you. Harry looked like he was going to be sick. Harry spit out the snitch. The whistle blew. "Gryffindor wins!" The Gryffindor side went wild, screaming and roaring. The Slytherins were furious and they all wore scowls. Hermione joined you and Ron. You smiled at them both and they smiled back.
  9. You walk back to the common room. You stop when you realize Hermione wasn't with you. You shake off the thought and join the celebration. Hermione wasn't there though. You have a strong urgency to look for her. "Hermione's gone," you say quickly. Harry and Ron join you. "Let's split up. Harry, you check the library, Ron, you check the classrooms, and I'll check the dungeons." "_____, no. Snape will catch you. You'll be in trouble for sure," said Harry. "I'm great at spying and sneaking around. I think I can do it." Suit yourself ______," said Ron. "Wait! Meet back here in thirty minutes. If one of us is missing, don't look for them. Go tell a teacher." You head off in separate directions.
  10. You head down the staircase when you look around. No Snape, but you see Neville working on a potion. You entered the classroom and see him working on a potion. "Here, add this and then you put in that and stir." He did as told. It turned out right. "_____, thank you." "You're welcome," you say. He exits and heads up the stairs. You suddenly felt like you were being watched. You look around and hear footsteps. You hide behind a pillar and look around. You suddenly feel a bag around you and you are being taken somewhere. You scream and writhe but no one does anything.
  11. You feel cold and then the bag is lifted off of you. You see Draco Malfoy smirking. "I told you I'd get revenge on you!" He smiled and tied your hand to a post and your feet together. You hear someone else too, or so you think. Hermione was in a corner, trying to get your attention. A sheet was on both of your mouths so you couldn't speak. On the bright side, at least you found Hermione.
  12. (Harry's point of view) I returned after forty minutes to see Ron there. _____ wasn't back yet. I couldn't find Hermione and neither did Ron. Fifteen minutes later "_____ isn't back yet," I said. "Let's go find her," Ron said. We heard to the dungeons and still couldn't find her. I went into the potions classroom and it was empty. I came back out and Ron was gone!
  13. (Ron's point of view) I saw Draco first. He tied me up. Then I was out in a corner. I took a look around the dusty old place and saw Hermione and ______ tied up and each in their own corner. Draco was babbling on and then he left. Probably to go find Harry. I hope he was okay. Five minutes later Draco released Harry and did the same think to him. He noticed me and ______ and then he found Hermione. Well, at least we found them.
  14. (Your view) "Well, time to eat dinner. At least for me!" Draco laughed and ran away. You tried to break free the first time, but it didn't work. Everyone tried, and you broke free first. Draco probably was in a hurry to grab Harry and Ron and so he didn't tie you thoroughly. You untied everyone else. You all opened the door, but it was locked. You saw a golden key and Hermione saw a silver key. The silver key worked and you all ran to the Great Hall to eat. Everyone asks about your trip and you told them. They said they would kill Draco and you were okay with that (maybe).
  15. You told the headmaster after dinner and he told you that he would give Draco an appropriate punishment. You headed back to the Gryffindor common room and went to bed immediately. You were tired.
  16. That's it! I'm sorry Neville lovers that I didn't put much of him in this quiz. Next time I will put him in these quizzes more. Next, you gather a lot of sorcer stone info and it's Christmas! Thanks for taking this! I was kinda in a hurry so this may be really bad. Thanks anyway!
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