ho Is My Soul Mate?

Does one have to end up with someone? Or will their lives be empty forever? Will you end up with a blonde? Someone you know at all? Or a stranger? Hmmm....

Hmmm... Could you end up with someone through this quiz? Most people gat under 50%!!! It's your turn to show the world what you are made of, right, chosen one?

Created by: Shawnee of Welcome! Welcome to My Website!!!
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  1. What is the first letter in your first name?
  2. What month is your birthday?
  3. How many pets do you have?
  4. You own a car of your dreams. Your best friend some how gets the keys to it and sells it. How do you feel? How do you react?
  5. What is your wealth?
  6. Do you have a website?
  7. Do you have a partner?
  8. do you go to school?
  9. do you work?
  10. what does your last name start with?

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