are you whit youre soul mate

are you inlove whoit youre soul mate test it well i need 150 caracters so ill just jap abit i geus how the wether ppl mine stinks at the moment but that cna be cause its like way to late and already dawning and i didnt have a wink of sleep i know jap jap jap i am donwe now i hope

well paragrapg two well lets talk about music like it? well i love it but tahst just me yeh i know again whit the 150 caracters who cares well dears i geyus thisis all the time we have so have a nice sleep lunch dinner break fast woirk day schoold ay day off cakaton holy day am i there yet?

Created by: sharondenadel

  1. do you love the one you are whit
  2. is youre partner beutifull
  3. do you want children whit the one youre whit?
  4. do youre parents like youre partner
  5. is youre partner romantic
  6. lets asume you are the marrying tipe will you marry youre curent partner
  7. is sex inportant?
  8. are there flaws in youre lover?
  9. ever had a figth
  10. youre tipe of ideal partner

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Quiz topic: Am I whit mye soul mate