Historical figure quiz

Throughout history, there have been many great people, from all different backgrounds, countries, and religions, and they have all had different views on government?

Have you ever wondered what great figure of the past you are the most like? Take this quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: ALEXANDER HAMILTON of Food
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  1. What are your thoughts on slavery?
  2. Should the death penalty exist?
  3. Should the government have the right to tax? If so, how much?
  4. How much of the budget should go to the milltary?
  5. If a city rebels, how do you handle it?
  6. Should military rule be instituted?
  7. Is Taiwan a country?
  8. Should there be a National Religon?
  9. What do you consider yourself to be on the political spectrum?
  10. What is your foreign policy?

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