High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 8

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When you are around I feel so natural. I think that we are the only two people in this whole wide world, I tend to forget the reality- I feel freedom with you. You are the one who controls all my moods. I would be lost without you!

I don't want you, because in that way it won't be love, it will be greed. I need you, I am like a tree without any leave when I am not with you. You are the only one who completely understands me. You are my srenght, but at the same time you may become my weakness. I love you!

Created by: iknowiamgr8

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  1. So, you get dressed in the morning and head for the manager! You all show him the note and Adam said,"now what do you say? they cheated!" The manager replied cooly,"Why should i belive you kids.. afterall , it can be written by any of you." Suddenly you all heard a shrill scream and crying near the closed door of the office. The door opened and a voice burst in,"You must believe them. Iam the writter of this note' You turn to see Kevin who was dragging Stella by her arm. Stella was crying and pleading to let go of her. Kevin's grip only grew tighter. He seemed full of rage. other icestormers were also ccame running behind!
  2. Kevin continued," Yes we cheated, we bribed the jugdes and got them to make us win. Call the judge and see for yourself." The manager, now surprised, replied,"well.. uh .. I'll call him right here!" He called the judge in his office and asked him,"Did these kids really bribe you? Tell the truth or I'll make sure to send you behind the bars" The judge hesitated a while and then said"Yes they did, please forgive me! Don't send me to jail... please!" The manager asked the other icestormers if they really bribed him and they bowed their heads low. The manager was very angry and shouted at them.
  3. The manager rustgated their band and did not allow them to take part in any other activity! But he spared Kevin because if it hadn't been for him you could never prove this! Then he gave you a big rolling trophy and a vacation to Hawai which was in August and many other prizes!
  4. After that every body ( except you and Kevin) went away and you two were walking. When you stopped and saif,"Thanks, we could never make it without your help" "no problem!" " Why did you come personally by the way, i thought you would leave it to us" "I had to ____, I wanted Stella to suffer. " " What did she do?" "At first i thought i really would leave it ti you, Because Stella would break up with me if she knew i told you.I reallu loved her. Byt then i saw she was cheating on me, I saw her making out with Alex. That's why I sought reveng" "Thanks again." You kissed him on his lips, he kissed you back.
  5. You and all your band were really happy and you had a little party where you invited ZKevin too! You got to know a lot about me! You guys were talking laughing and enjoying yourself. You sat with Bella and asked her,"What you thinking about" She replied,"Of 2 things-First Sean, _____ I really love him! and second -HAWAI!!!" You were so surprised that Bella, who was never intrested in guys, loved Sean!!
  6. You asked,"Since when are you in love with Sean??" She replied,"Since the time i saw him first!" You tesingly say"ooooooouu"! And then blah blah in the party blah!
  7. IT was JUne, neary 2 monthes to your Hawai trip,you are told that you are going to a plce there which is a cool place for bands! Many bands are going to be there and it will be very adventurous! You couldn't wait to go there with your band!
  8. But now after 2 days, you back to your home-reality- mom-dad fighting throwing pots and pans!but you were real happy you thought of all the fun that was going to be there!
  9. ok come back for pt.9! rate! Comment
  10. bye!

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