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  • Alright, but be warned, I am not very social. Some of these may be publicized without me knowing that anyone else came up with it first. Trust me, that happens a lot to me and my ideas.

    #2- Ryan and Alyssa. These two are arch enemies at school and totally would kill each other. Ryan is a big showoff; whenever he gets a good grade. He's all, "Hey what grade did you get? Too bad, I got better." Around highschool, Alyssa begins to feel unsure of whethet she hates him or likes him.

    #3- A Black Butler love story thingy. If you don't know what Black Butler is, its an awesome anime/manga and you need to watch it. I imagined the girl being a hybrid of everything (angel, demon, grim reaper, and human) do she has wings like an angel, access to cinematic records, semi-mortality (she can get killed by injury bit she will never age), and pretty much all the cool things demons get.

    #4- anything involving ninjas. I felt in the mood to write about ninjas. Ninjas are awesome.

    #5- There's a girl (I call her Katherine, name her whatever you want). She lives in a time when her country is at war and lost (I think in the future). Her and her friends (I only named one, she's Olivia Kondrey) run away and leave the country to gain real freedom.

    #6- theres 7 magic gems (one in every continent) and one of them is in the hands of a teenage girl (left to her by her mother). She has to find all seven while keeping the rest of them from the bad guys chasing her. I imagine it isn't good when all seven are in the same place.

    I left out the more embarassing ones in this list...

  • @spotty dinosaur- Its not like they're bad, the idea of them is just embarassing.

    @Hogw artsLove- write it cuz I just can't do it myself. Yet... ;)

    @RinRin- For girls from Harriet's POV.

    @Fiery_Soul- Yeah, I hear where you're comin from. My other ideas (I only realized as I was finishing the quiz) were too humiliating and I wasn't quite ready yet to let them out into the open.

  • That's quite a good harry potter idea, never thought of that. I did think of putting like the golden trio in Slytherin and Draco in Gryffindor or something-so everyone in a opposite house. Yeah i agree with Firey_Soul that your other ideas can't be THAT bad!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Aww, you just had one idea! :( C'mon, I'm sure your other ideas aren't THAT bad! To tell you the truth, I'm not really into Harry Potter, so I don't read anything Harry Potter themed. Yeah... you don't have many ideas, so how can I help you? :/

  • No matter how embarassing your ideas are, if you think they're good, go for it! Your "embarassing" ideas are maybe original and unique. It can't be that bad. A lot of people said some crazy things on here. I will read it. ;)

  • Oh my god, you're ingenious! XD

    By make them happen, do you want someone to write them, or just give you ideas for them? I'd be more than happy to help in whatever way I could. 8D

  • I like the Harry Potter idea. It'd kinda be funny.. Uh, would that love story be for boys then, or girls..? I don't really know how to help, much..

  • It might be too late, but I like the Harriet Potter idea!

  • Your idea are not bad. I like number 2!! Number 6 sounds good but number two will be eaier to write. 6, might take awhile. I not into hogwarts


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