hello, I'm new!

Hi, I'm new here. Incase you don't know QUIZFIZZ, she is my BFF. Plus we share QUIZFIZZ accounts. She uses them more often. I focus more on school.You know, college priority and stuff!

A shout out to QUIZZFIZZ! I feel so bad you are leaving my dear friend! I know her personally. I know your birthday is next month and I wanna wish you a good one!

Created by: magic123

  1. Hi
  2. I'm new
  3. My name is Miriam and I'll tell u a few things about me. Get your popcorn and get comfortable!
  4. Well, I am planning revenge on two friends. One ripped pages out of my diary and ruined the last page.Another just gave away my materials for my project without MY PERMISSION! Help me!
  5. Don't you hate when people tick you off so much to the point where u wanna kill them?
  6. So I'm.a Leo.
  7. I'm up at nite and tired.
  8. Hi
  9. Yo
  10. Bye

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