Who are you in school?

There are many different people in your school. some are really smart, while some others focus on other things. Everyone is unique in some way, but wich way are you?

Ever wonder what your friends and everyone else thinks of YOU? you could be anyone to someone else. take this quiz to see if who you really think YOU are.

Created by: autumn
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  1. You get home from school- what do you start doing first?
  2. Your done your work and your teacher says to do something "constructive" when your done the work page. you...
  3. Your going to a party. The accessory you choose is...
  4. You can't decide what to be for holoween. Then you find this magazine with costumes. Wich of the following do you choose?
  5. Your at the school store. what catches your eye?
  6. your at the library, what book catches your eye?
  7. Your at the shoe store. What one do you pick?
  8. whats your favorite tv show?
  9. you see the cutest tee shirt. it is:
  10. You invite your bff over. what do you do first?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in school?