Whats Your Number One Priority In Life?

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This quiz determines your priorities based on your answers. Please answer honestly to all the questions asked.

What is your first priority? You might be surprised by your result. Good luck and enjoy.

Created by: nadia410
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  1. Lets say you could choose from two jobs to have the first one earns 150,000 a year and you are in a high position but you travel alot in the other hand there is the second job that earns 40,000 a year and you are in a low position but you don't travel.
  2. You pick a relationship according to;
  3. You've just won half a million dollars, what would you do;(Pretend you have a spouse and kids)
  4. You have two kids, there is a flood but a boat nearby that can only carry two people, you;
  5. You get a pet that you love dearly but the number on reason you get rid of it is beacause;
  6. You are lost in the forest who would you rather be with;
  7. Where would you want to be in the last minutes of your life?
  8. If you could only take one thing to a different world what would you take?
  9. What would you want to be doing in the last seconds of your life?
  10. What would you do first if you were in a situation where: The baby is crying, The clothes are hanging outside and it has started to rain, The water is running from the tap,The doorbell is ringing, and The phone is ringing.

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Quiz topic: Whats my Number One Priority In Life?