Are you the number one fan of your favorite star?

There are many people who think they are number 1 fan of that specific superstar (it can be an actor or singer), and you are one of them! How can you or they prove it? take that quiz!!! It is really accurate(trust me!!!)

Are YOU the number one fan of that star? Do you want to know how to prove it? Until now you could only wonder how to prove it. But thanks to that great quiz, you will have a proof to show that you are number one fan!!!

Created by: Marie-Lynn

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  1. Oh my gosh! Is that my favorite star in the park, what shall I do?
  2. If I saw my favorite star in a huge crowd disguised as another person, I would:
  3. If my favorite star asked me to go out with him( this quest. is for girls), I would:
  4. If I became the same thing like my fav. star(actor, singer,...) I would:
  5. If you saw your favorite star sinking, and another famous person(even more important than your favorite star) sinking too, what would you do?( only one life jacket)
  6. (for boys)If your girlfriend was a star, and people treated you in another way(more sympethatic that you didn't like), what will you tell her?
  7. Blalalalala! If your favorite star humiliated his self by saying that, you would:
  8. Will you try to be number one fan of your favorite star forever?
  9. If another number one fan of your favorite star dared you to do something dor your favorite star, you would:
  10. If you were in the place of your favorite star right now, you would:

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Quiz topic: Am I the number one fan of my favorite star?