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  • Hello WinxClubgirl! Its nice to meet you. Yeah this is a great site. People are nice. I hope you get to meet Aria who is the sweetest person in GTQ. If you want to read some story quizzes, checkout the authors: xxblutixx, Aria, WTF_Ninja, Dannica etc., etc., You are starting a story quiz! Great! I'll be looking for that. Enjoy your time here. Have a good day xoxo

    Orange Fusion
  • Aloha! Welcome to gotoquiz :). If you want to meet new people, check out the forums. Go to The Lounge and you'll be able to make a thread and chat with some people. I hope you'll like it here :).

  • My friend told me about xxiblitxx and thanks for telling me the rest of GTQ!


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