Hello,I'll tell you a few things about me

Hi, i am new here and got bored and saw a link to this original website.i do like it here and i hope you liked my quiz and as i said earlier i am making a story QUIZ.

Are you a genius do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigigious title Until now you could only wonder but thanks to this gre@t quiz in jist a few.

Created by: WinxClubgirl

  1. HI,im new and really wanna meet new people.
  2. Im a girl and i have a phone and a Furby®.
  3. I also like writing,drawing,and creating
  4. I also know a mermaid potion and its so easy
  5. U need blue food coloring,water,a cup, sugar,and a tsp.
  6. 1.fill cup with cold water
  7. 2. Put blue food coloring in cup of water.
  8. 3.Stir cup with tsp
  9. 4.Put a little sugar in the cup
  10. 5.stir with tsp again
  11. 6.Wave hand on cup and say:turn me into a mermaid,let me go to the sea and become free,on the full moon ,I'll be on control though I'll be able to handle, let me be, let me be,let me be a mermaid.
  12. 7. Get tsp and and drink liquid from the cup
  13. Bye bye

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