Heart Smart Quiz

The heart is an amazing thing, but easily damaged. Very often we pay no attention to the little guy pumping away in our chest, and very often the little guy feels neglected. Remember, A healthy heart is a Happy Heart!

Where would you be without your heart? And how much do you know about it, and the things that affect it? Take this quiz on SADS, created by Heart Smart YSI to find out!

Created by: Kevin Holmes
  1. The phrase "SADS" stands for what?
  2. How can SADS be detected?
  3. On average, how many people die from SADS in Ireland each year?
  4. The most common cause of SADS is?
  5. People most affected by SADS belong to which age group?
  6. On average, how many people die from SADS each week?
  7. Symptoms of SADS include?
  8. The Phrase E.C.G screening stands for what?
  9. Name one organisation that promotes awareness of Sudden Adult Death syndrome.
  10. What could your school do to help in the battle against SADS?

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