Do you want to know your REAL IQ?

Who really cares if your smart, I used to think so. I made this because I know that some people do care, and now I can tell them that they shouldn't. Smarts don't count in Heaven your heart does, and then why should it here.

If you are a genius, you woould take my advice. God doesn't care if your a homeless person. He cares about if your a good person with a good heart. So if you are a genius, stay smart by my advice.

Created by: Summer

  1. How many Presidents have we had?
  2. What grades do you get at School?
  3. Who invented the light bulb?
  4. Are you wise now, or will you be wise when your old?
  5. I have 17 marbles, there are 4 colors. 8 of them are blue, 5 of them are yellow. If I had red and green marbles how many would there be a piece if splitted evenly?
  6. There are 16 people at a party and they dance with everyone for 1 song each, How many songs were played?
  7. A chicken, a dog, and 6 fish have how many legs?
  8. How many sides does a pentagon have?
  9. Do you understand your Schoolwork?
  10. Was this worth it?

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Quiz topic: Do I want to know my REAL IQ?