Have you got bieber fever

Many people claim to love Justin but very few have acctually fell in love with Justin. This quiz is were you can find out if you are a true Justin bieber lover. We have four possible answers for you.

Now lets see if you are a true Justin believer. It's time to see if you are a true bieber fever. Are you a tue believer in Justin Bieber ? (a belieber)Good luck

Created by: Rachel

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  1. Do you listen to Justin's music everyday?
  2. What is Justin Bieber's middle name?
  3. How old is Justin?
  4. What is Justin's little sister and half brother called?
  5. Who did Usher have to compete with to get Justin on his record deal?
  6. How old was Justin when his parents split up?
  7. Do you talk about Justin all the time?
  8. What is Justin's fave colour?
  9. Where in America does Justin live now?
  10. How old was Justin when he started playing his first insrument?
  11. What was Justin's first instrument?
  12. What was Justin's first instrument?

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