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HAYE PEOPLES. I made this quiz so you could spend some time with me and my original characters! | Fiona: YOYOYO!!! I'M FIONA! | Thistleshade: Whatever. Me/Sapphire: This whole quiz has no-effect answers, but anyway, ENJOY!

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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Me/Sapphire: Hi, [Name]. | Fiona: YOYOYO!!!!!
  2. Fiona: Where's Thistleshade? | Thistleshade: *glaring* Not here. | Fiona: FINE whatever. Do you have any hobbies, [Name]?
  3. Me/Sapphire: Do you have any OC's?
  4. Fiona: I'M the BEST OC in the WHOLE UNIVERSE. | Thistleshade: Uh-huh. Sure you are, lunatic.
  5. Fiona: Truth or dare! | Me/Sapphire: You'll just say dare. | Fiona: YOU do that. Truth or dare, [Name]!
  6. Fiona: (for dare) I dare you to say I ADORE YOU to someone random!
  7. Me/Sapphire: Are you from another dimension?
  8. Thistleshade: Do you like blood and/or death?
  9. Fiona: huafjklfaehlwfdsjhpiafdlnvjf;e;jwadflnjnlvdslk
  10. Me/Sapphire: Fiona does that a lot.
  11. Me/Sapphire: Ok imma change into Willowfang now
  12. Thistleshade: I'm done. | Fiona HEY! The quiz isn't finished yet! | Thistleshade: who frickin cares
  13. Me/Willowfang: Yeah Thistleshade doesn't like to socialize. Don't as me why.
  14. Fiona: can I set up a bomb?
  15. Me/Willowfang: Imma change back to Sapphire the Hedgehog now
  16. Me/Sapphire: We have to end the quiz! BYE!!!!! | Fiona: GOODBYE [NAME]! I'LL MISS YOU! | Thistleshade: Oh, finally.

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