Yeah I just made this 'cause I'm bored

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HAYE PEOPLES. I made this quiz because I was bored. That's why all the answer paragraphs are the same thing. The thing being something you'll find out at the end. ENJOY!!!!

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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. YO. My name is Sapphire the Hedgehog!
  2. My boyfriend is...
  3. SONIC!!!!!!
  4. Ok... like I already said my name is Sapphire the hedgehog. I am a hedgehog, my fur is mint green, my eyes are blue, I have super speed, and I'm from a parallel universe.
  5. Also there's another version of me.
  6. She is an animal I invented called a Nighthawk and her name is Thistleshade.
  7. Anyway I am insane.
  8. tenretni
  9. I am a banana. Are you a banana?
  10. Okay you knew this would come eventually: SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG IS THE WORST!
  11. Last question.

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