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  • It was great. My dad was playing music by I was reading so it was really good XD OMG I just realized I haven't seen my dad in two weeks. Oh right sorry, I always go off topic

    Anyway LOVE IT

  • This was simply awesome, the idea seems to be very original. I really hope the next part is out soon, because this was great :) Your grammar and spelling are good, and just that is a big +, as there are stories out there with horrible spelling and such, which irritates me a lot. But your writing is very good, I don't remember seeing a single word that was spelled the wrong way, neither did I see something wrong with your grammar. Keep up with the good work! :D

  • That was great :) It's a lot different from other stories, and with cute guys :P I've always wondered about people who can see ghosts. I know this person who can. But she's disabled. I guess it's a give and take thing because several others are also like that. Well idk. But some little kids can see it. It outgrows it when they grow up. This one little girl said a ghost was licking my cupcake. I did not like that xD Part 2!


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