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  • CleverKit

    You are a clever kit. You are always the one able to sneak out of the nursery, or camp whenever you wanted. You are the leader or sometimes deputy of your litter. You are brave as a lion and clever as a fox! :D

    Hmmm... this is definitely me.

    SweetNightmare Mar 17 '19, 2:23PM
  • Quiet kit

    FluffyEtini May 28 '16, 10:06AM
  • Quiet kit

    FluffyEtini May 28 '16, 10:04AM
  • Why the hell did I get total kittypet? If you throw yourself at every threat, and leave the nursery when you're a kit, chances are, you'll DIE!

    It's not fair. >:(

    LagottoRomagnolo Aug 2 '13, 9:10PM
  • *claws Tigerstar's back* RUN AWAY ALAH601!!!!! I'LL DEAL WITH THIS A** HOLE!!!!!!!

    *is killed* why did I even bother.....

    Got adventorous kit great quiz! ^.^

    SpiderMangirl Jan 30 '13, 11:58AM
  • Cool! Clever kit for me.

    wishfulthinker Jan 22 '13, 1:17PM
  • I got Clever Kit, TOTALLY me!

    skyprint May 28 '12, 10:38AM
  • I'm a quiet kit and luckily I got almost nothing for total kittypet like 9% kittypet...huh? Ahhh it's Tigerstar!

    alah601 Feb 22 '12, 7:11PM
  • omg i luv this quiz when are the others coming?

    Warriorluver Apr 27 '10, 5:37PM
  • Clever kit... VERY me :3 p.s. My warrior name is Rainstorm, I am of WindClan :3

    PintoStorm Mar 4 '10, 9:06PM
  • I made this quiz with a different name, hoped you like it people. I will make the second one a bit different. Make it more of a story.

    Wolf_luvr Mar 4 '10, 4:37PM

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