Harry Potter Wand Core Quiz

What is your Harry Potter Wand Core? Phoenix Feather, Dragon Heartstring or Unicorn Hair? In the Harry Potter series, every Ollivander wand has a core from those three animals.

If you are curious about your wand core, curious about wandlore, curious about Harry POtter, or curious in general, then you should take this quiz. Have Fun!

Created by: Caleb.Benware

  1. What height would you say you are for your age?
  2. What would you say your eye colour is?
  3. Is your birthday odd or even?
  4. Which would you say you fear the most?
  5. What would you say is your best quality?
  6. You open an old chest full of artifacts. Which would you choose?
  7. Which path would you take?
  8. Which Hogwarts house are you?
  9. When were you born?
  10. Left or Right Handed?
  11. How would you rate this quiz? 1=horrible 5=superb (This will not affect your score)

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