Harry Potter Trivia- Book 2

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Okay so its another Potter quiz. Simple, easy, complete describe this quiz. Try your best and good luck. If youve read the book you'll do well. if you havent then... well like I said try your best

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Created by: Jack Attack 1995
  1. How old is Harry in this book?
  2. Where does Harry first notice Dobby?
  3. Who is Dobby's master?
  4. What is the Weasley home called?
  5. What department at the Ministry does Mr.Weasley work at?
  6. Who saves Harry after he got stuck in Diagon Alley?
  7. Who does Mr.Weasley get into a fight with?
  8. Why doesnt the wall open for Harry and Ron at Platform 9 and 3 quarters?
  9. Ron and Harry crash into what plant?
  10. Who's Colin creevey?
  11. Who called hermione a mudblood
  12. Who's the first to be petrified?
  13. Who bewitched the bludger?
  14. What is dumbledore's phoenix named?
  15. What character was wrongly blamed for opening the chamber of secrets over 50 yrs ago?
  16. What's a parselmouth?
  17. Who saves Harry in the end?
  18. Harry helps dobby by doing what?
  19. Thanks for taking the quiz! bye

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