Harry Potter Sorting Hat!

Hi! This is my quiz on the Harry Potter houses, I tried making them as un-stereotypical as possible so then you wouldn't pick a typical Gryffindor answer because you wanted to be in Gryffindor.

I really hate those quizzes that just ask you those really transparent questions like what's you're favourite colour? And you get thrown into Slytherin because you like green. Anyway, that's it, and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: RavenclawTonkneseCat of My writing account!!
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  1. Black or white?
  2. One of your highly irritating relatives are coming to visit. What are you most likely to do?
  3. Your five year old sister is crying as a boy from her class has stolen her teddy, what do you do?
  4. Head or tails?
  5. You and your friend both have a crush on the same person, that person likes your friend and you have just found out that they've been going out for weeks. What do you do?
  6. Moon or stars
  7. Are you the type to leave your toothpaste lid off after you've brushed?
  8. You see your neighbour that you know sort of well being screamed at by his abusive girlfriend. What are you most likely to do?
  9. Thunder Bird or Horned Serpent or Wampus Cat or Pukwudgie?
  10. Let's be honest, do you shower/ bathe everyday?
  11. Which character is most like you from Ever After High? (if you haven't watched it before just click 'No one')
  12. What would you hate to be?
  13. What is your favourite hobby?
  14. Your best friend as just broken the school rules by bringing a knife to school! The punishment is being expelled and it would be hard to get a place in another school after expulsion. You....

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