Harry Potter Quiz

Many, many, people have read the Harry Potter books and have enjoyed them if you are one of those people and don't know what to do because you have read all the books, well now you can test how much you remember in this quiz there are also a few bonuses for you to try!

in just a few minutes after you take this quiz you can see how much you remember of the books you may only remember just a little and that means you are about 25% in the wizarding world but if you score around a 100 in this quiz then you are entirely inside the wizarding world and 100% not muggle !

Created by: Hermione Granger

  1. who is on the first wizard card inside the first chocolate frog Harry Potter opens?
  2. How did Hermione become friends with Harry and Ron?
  3. what is Ron's real name?
  4. how does Harry get the sorcerer's stone in the first book?
  5. Harry Potter wins 10 points for griffindor in his first year how did he do it?
  6. Harry Potter has a scar on his head what shape is it and who did it also did his mom or dad die first?
  7. what are all Ron's brothers names in opposite order of birth and his mom's name?
  8. what is J.K.Rowlings real name?
  9. Bonus* in a poem that goes Hermione is awesome Ron is super cool Harry Potter is unique and Malfoy is -
  10. who takes Harry to Diagon alley in the first book?
  11. Bonus* if voldemort where real what would be the best thing to do?
  12. how many Bronze Knuts to a Silver Sickle and how many Silver Sickles to a Gold Galleon ?

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