Hard Classic Rock Quiz

Classic rock is more than just music. It almost seemed like rock n roll was a way of life back then. How well do you know your Beatles from your Stones?

This quiz will be difficult for many...but for classic rock nerds it will be a breeze. Think beyond the music when it comes to these artists and bands.

Created by: Jillian
  1. What is Brian Jones' real name?
  2. Who was The Who's first drummer?
  3. Where did Woodstock REALLY take place?
  4. Which Beatle had his tonsils removed?
  5. What is the name of Eric Clapton's guitar?
  6. What was Prince's nickname in high school?
  7. Why did Jimi Hendrix not pass his military exam?
  8. Led Zeppelin's concert documentary is called...
  9. Which one of these performers has NOT been naked on stage?
  10. Bob Dylan has dated the following women EXCEPT:
  11. Which bizarre rocker was Alice Cooper's manager for part of the 70s?
  12. Harry Nilsson was best friends with which Beatle?
  13. Elton John's original sexuality was...
  14. Pink Floyd's movie "The Wall" starred which future Live Aid performer?
  15. One review for Lou Reed's album (fill in the blank) consisted of only the word "NO" repeatedly.
  16. The supergroup The Traveling Wilburys consisted of which members?
  17. Brian May is an avid fan of what movie franchise?
  18. Which band wanted their name to originally be "f***"?
  19. Which one of these 1960s Rock star is not part of the 27 club?
  20. Keith Richards snorted the ashes of...

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