Halo, Halo, and more Halo!

A lot of people think the know everything about Halo. I have got a few questions for you that will test your knowledge on it. Take the Halo quiz and see what you really know!

I hope you get 100% because Halo is such a great game, you should know all the details about it. If you take this quiz and fail, play all the Halo games a few times each.

Created by: Nick Bilotta
  1. What is Master Chief's Spartan number?
  2. How many Halo rings were there from the start?
  3. who's the first prophet to die?
  4. Who was Tarturaus the leader of?
  5. What is the Master Chief's real name?
  6. About how tall are the Hunters?
  7. What two Covenant races are about the same height?
  8. Was is the oracles number?
  9. How many Scarabs do you kill in Halo 3?
  10. How many shots does the Fuel rod hold?
  11. In what level does the Oracle shoot a Marine because he was trying to help?
  12. What gun do you start out with in the begining of the Covenant?
  13. In what level does the Flood aid you for a short period of time?
  14. In the first level in HALO 3, what took down the two Pelicans?
  15. After what level does Truth activate the portal?
  16. How many of your allies does it take to kill for them to turn against you?
  17. On the last level, what does Johnson give you to kill the Oracle?
  18. In what year does Halo take place?

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