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  • the fuel rod gun ammo changes from each game and i believe there were actually 11 original rings from the forerunner days and the closest option was 10, but i assume you ment original number starting from halo combat evolved which is 7

    LimyMage918 Dec 3 '15, 10:11AM
  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa halo freak halo is my life yea also mass effect series but I do have a life and 29 kids it is annoying

    War hero Feb 7 '15, 6:42PM
  • its only about halo 3 it has nothing to do with the books or the other games

    ICE COLD GOLD Feb 2 '15, 2:05PM
  • cool, I got halo freak. I don't really play halo much though. I just have a good sense of memory when it comes to storylines. Also, I mostly guessed on the "what level" questions

    DemonCB Sep 21 '11, 10:50PM
  • if you know that much about the game it shows one thing and on thing only YOU DONT HAVE A LIFE

    xileddoc Apr 21 '08, 10:42PM
  • Yea...the question when it asked what weapon do u start with onthe covenent, what about when its co-op?

    Sickofguessing Apr 16 '08, 8:10PM

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