Hair Quiz! (girls only)

i was bored and didn't know what to do... so i made a quiz!! im allso gonna make a quiz called "bored people come here" lol!!! hope you get what you want!!

well i have to write more so ummmmmmn....... god luck? hope you get the hair colour you want and remember i might not get it right!!!!! im just saying please no hater comments!!!

Created by: Crystal
  1. Skin Colour?
  2. eye colour?
  3. if you choase other last time are your eyes any of these?
  4. fave set of colours?
  5. whats your build?
  6. i need more questions so imjust gonna talk now... "hi!! im crystal!"
  7. how are you?
  8. do you like justin bieber?
  9. do you like animals?
  10. bye!! will you rate/comment?

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