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  • I took this quiz and it correctly guessed my age and gender. But when I clicked back and changed my age (but no other answers), it changed my answer. I tried it again and it happened again. I haven't tried this, but I'm guessing that if I went back and clicked male instead of female, it would change that too. "Guess" your age and gender, indeed.

  • Omg dude it's pretty much a total cheat in the beginning. Plus your a cheater too cause you put. In long numbers like 40 to whatever that is a total cheat it's so far from umber so you have better chance of being right I mean seriously dude this is lame

  • They only can guess it because the first two questions are your age and gender. If you change one of those without changing any other answers then your results will change. They only use question 1 and 2.

  • Ok. This quiz is a scam. Anyway, I was surprised that you were right, then I swapped the age and gender questions to 60+ and male (practically the exact opposite of me) and left the other questions the same, and guess what I got! Then I changed it to a different setting for age and gender and guess what I got? I need not say. But ya, you cheated and used the age and gender questions.

  • Stop the chain texting!!!!!! This is just cyberbullying. Someone could commit suicide if whoever started the chain texting thing said that he/she is going to die if they don't repost. If you started it I have a new GTQ forum for you.

  • Ok first of all I know exactly why it got it right... So the first 2 questions it automatically answers for you... Hello? That's how they knew. It's because we answered that on our first quiz and now it says that on every quiz. So I went back and changed mine to 18-40 and then I looked at my results and it said "You are 18-40 years old and female" Well no s---... Am I the only one who figured that out? HAHAHA

  • You obviously just based he answers off the age thingy. I selected completely random stuff and random age and gender and it was the random age and gender I chose as result.


  • All you have to do for them to be wrong is to press the first two questions wrong like how old are you I'm under 18 and I pressed over 60 and I'm a female and I pressed male so they thought that I was 61 and a male!

  • The first question asked your name, and the second your gender. Haha.

    Also, it looks like I'm going to die. I'm asexual, and there's no way I'm going to spam some quizzes with ridiculousness, get a life.

  • I know it is not the best quiz but you guys have to CALM DOWN you are hurting Grace's feelings think about them. EmmetteSmith is right it is just a quiz not your life story! I did not mean to hurt your feelings but it is true! Sorry I HATE being mean to the commenter/s but I just had to point it out!

  • Haha I first got under 18 male which is correct then i went back and answered the first 2 questions as female 51-61 and left the rest of the questions as they were and I got 51-61 female as the answer....

    Not cool dude

  • guys the first 2 questions are added automatically, you can't add or take those two questions off. i know this because on the quiz i created it said the first 2 questions are added and we can't take them off or edit them so we are not being lazy, plus the creator of this quiz probably made the first two questions have no effect on your result.

    super lucia
  • I cannot believe the stupidity of this! You answer that you are an age range and you enter your gender. The other questions don't even have any bearing on it.

  • I think you might've based it on the age and gender question because at first I got under 18 female and I then went back and changed it to over 60 and male and got 61 and over male.

    Books and guard
  • It's correct but it's not a great quiz because it's obvious that a teenage uses internet more, likes video games and..

    So I think that would be better if you had 10 to 12, 13 to 15 and so on.Do you understand?

  • For 1 and 2 I just lie and see if they actually get it right but no the y just believe what I said for 1 and 2 regardless how I answer the other questions

    Dawn Blue
  • Jesus I am not doing that + they are cheating it is impossible not 2 answer the 1st 2 Q's! They got it right because they are cheaters! Go to a different website to take this type of quiz! they are mean and I am sooooooooooo dissapointed they cheated!

  • I purposely put that I was 60+ and Male to see if you were using the first 2 questions or not. You said I was 61+ and Male. I am under 18 and Female. You are using the first 2 questions! Make a proper one that puts no affect on the first 2 questions.

  • You do realise you tell them your age and gender... The other questions are just to make you feel like he can tell what age and gender you are. Go back a page and change the age. I did that to over 60 and that was what the answer was. Honestly. People these days. (Lol JK I'm 12)

  • you said i cant trick you, but..i'm not that dumb.I thought you can use the age and gender question so i selected wrong age and gender and i got that in results,it can't be a was so funny to get 18-40male when i am a girl maybe a tomboy but still a girl!

  • First you guessed right...I was creeped out...And I remembered the first age and gender questions...So I switched to over 60 male (nowhere near me) and guess what I got...Cheating quiz.

  • gosh this quiz is just fake and everyone can see that............... ................... .and also the person that said that they didnt ener the age and gender quiestion was a liar cause its impossible to not to enter those cause it will say that you need to finish the quiz. this quiz is rubbish and boring and the person who made clearly thinks shes a smarty pants doing that and she just made the age and gender have an effect and shes just a girly little cheater so there!

  • I took again and said I was over 60 and male, and magically I grew up from under eighteen to over 60! Talk about Cheating!

  • That was a stupid quiz and the guy who made it was a cheat. He used the first two wipes toons only. I went back and changed the first two but kept the others the same and it choose what I put for the first two

  • Seriously?

    Guys don't fall for this crap. Get a life. They cheated. Tools. Check my youtube channel if you don't have anything to do.



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