Guess the FNAF security breach character by the emojis I give you

There are regular quizzes out there, completely normal ones, and then there are my weird fnaf quizzes. All I can say is if you're sitting you'll still need a seatbelt and if you're standing you should sit down. I make crazy unusual quizzes and everyone calls them weird, but whatever.

Now you get to see how smart you are, or perhaps, how dumb I am. Specifically at hinting characters with emojis. Anyway, before you do this, there's something IMPORTANT: ONE QUIZ TAKEN COSTS AT LEAST ONE COMMENT!!! :D

Created by: Pizza of Pizzaisdelicous
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  1. 🐔💗🎸🍕
  2. 😄😀😊🎭🌞🎉💡
  3. 👩◻💛◼🔦😡
  4. 🌗🌜 🚫💡🚫
  5. 🐇🔪😀💀
  6. 🐺😭🎸💅💄💋
  7. 🐊💜💚🎸😡😡😡
  8. 🐻🎩🎸🎶🎵 😍➡👦
  9. 👦⌚🐻🔦👕👟
  10. ◼➿▪⬛➿◾◼🐻◻💜 🐤🐰🎪👶
  11. 👸👑◼👾😱👾🎮🔑
  12. 🐔💗🎸🍕😞😫♿◼😢
  13. 🐺😭🎸💅💄💋😞😫♿◾😢😭😵 👀❌

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