How Much Do You Know About FNAF 1&2

This quiz is about FNAF and a tiny bit about the creator. I won't tell you the name because one of the questions will ask you what's the creator's name. Anyway, being able to find out if you are smart about FNAF is maybe exciting for you! It's something to learn about how well you know about FNAF 1&2!

Do you think you are smart enough for the test? Well here is your time to find out!if you are a fast reader wait no more! If you are slow, it might take a while.

Created by: Sophia Lavender

  1. What are the names of the animatronics from fnaf 1?
  2. How did the Puppet's son die?
  3. Who is Golden Freddy?
  4. What's the Puppet's real name?
  5. What's the person's name that created FNAF 1,2,3?
  6. Does Scott have Children? If he does, what kind?
  7. What inspired Scott to make FNAF?
  8. Who Caused The Bite'87?
  9. Is Mangle a boy or a girl?
  10. What's Scott's cousin's first name?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About FNAF 1&2