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how well do you know fnaf? are you a true lover, or a fake wannabe? this quest will help decipher that! i love making quizzes, and taking them, so u hope you have a good time

this is going to be a multiple choice quiz, so be attentive, and try your best, please DO NOT consult the internet. consulting the internet is cheating, and i will find you and kill you (with kindness)

Created by: Nova

  1. What color is Circus Baby's Eyes?
  2. Who is Golden Freddy?
  3. Who Pukes out Ennard?
  4. Who is Vanny?
  5. What is Mr. Cupcake's Name (according to the fandom)
  6. What does 'Lefty' stand for?
  7. What is the endoskeleton freddy named (sister location)
  8. How did william afton get trapped?
  9. What are the nightmare animatronics?
  10. Who is the puppet?
  11. What gender (technically) is golden freddy
  12. purple guy and pink guy are different characters?
  13. Phantom animatronics can kill you
  14. What is the greyscale deedee called?
  15. Can the puppet float?

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