Which FNAF character are you from FNAF 1 and 2?

Welcome! This is my own FNAF quiz not my fist quiz but my first creation of a FNAF version, I hope that you enjoy my test and you are willing to spread the news to your friends and families.

If this test does not appear accurate to you, check out the pictures that I found from my favorite FNAF creator, (drawer) Pole Bear. She has pictures of theses characters as human beings.

Created by: OBI#23
  1. Are you a girl or a boy?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Color of your eyes?
  4. Color combo?
  5. What Do You Do in Your Free time?
  6. are you:
  7. Who's better?
  8. Pirates of fairytale princesses?
  9. Which country would you rather visit?
  10. night guard Who is your favorite?
  11. Which weapon would you care to use?
  12. Can you Do a split?
  13. Bite of 87 in your opinion:
  14. Would you prefer:
  15. What is your favorite game?
  16. Which Game?
  17. Which one are you more afraid of?
  18. Which Song?
  19. Are you a fan of horror or more romantic movies?
  20. Was the test bad?
  21. Can we guess which character you are?
  22. Which character do you think I am comment whoever guesses right first gets to tell me what fnaf quiz I should do next.

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