which fnaf 3 characters have a chrush on you?

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hi this is about finding out wich fnaf 3 character likes you. we all love fnaf don't we? anyways i hope you enjoy this quiz. sorry if theres spelling mistakes btw ;_; (all art belongs to their artist)

this is about becoming a fnaf 3 fangirl! jk, this is for fun lolz. you get 10 questions and you might get your fav fnaf 3 character to like you. if you need help you can ask. ^_^ (all art belongs to their artist)

Created by: Mette

  1. whats your fav animal?
  2. what do you do in your spare time?
  3. what do you think about children (i do not take this personal)
  4. fav fnaf song?
  5. if you were locked in a room with one of these? who would it be?
  6. choose the first letter(s) of your fav fnaf 3 character
  7. what color!
  8. fav food?
  9. wold you want me to do another one of these?
  10. see ya! this was my first quiz. btw sorry for any spelling mistakes. im from denmark. anyways have a nice day *smiles*

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