Greek Godly Parent

In ancient Greek times their were many types of myths.Like Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. I'm not talking about all of them only the Greek. And not all Greek myths only the gods.

Did you know the sometimes in ancient Greek times the gods sometimes came and "hooked up" (if you will) and sometimes had children. The children of the gods are demigods half god and half human.

Created by: Chulita
  1. Whats your favorite activity to do?
  2. Whats your favorite color?
  3. whats your favorite animal(s)?
  4. Weapon of choose?
  5. Do you have both biological parents?
  6. Which God or Goddess is your Favorite?
  7. Do you like the day or night better?
  8. You are likely to be found at...
  9. Is it hard to read english?
  10. Do you like Greek Or Roman God and Goddess better?

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