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  • @ Calypso1315

    That's true, she's like lightning when she writes!

    @ singin234

    I knew it was Zach, thank GOD it's not Jev. I almost flipped out there. Okay, well now it's confrontation time I guess. How else am I going to do this? Oh well, it doesn't matter BEWARE ZACH!!! So when are we going to see that ghostly girl again with the red eyes? I just want to know how she fits into all of this. By the way, the dream was pretty nice, and I like how it's black and white. It almost feels like a memory type feel when you add that. Okay I'm done, but this was pretty good. I'm glad you had a nice birthday! GO iTUNES!!! *fist pumps*

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • @Missy Prissy Cat Thanks. Yes you see the girl again in part 18 and 19. Which I jut got part 18 out.

    @Calypso131 5 ha thanks. I guess I do because I just got part 18 out!!

  • Wow!! Ur an awesome writer

  • Dude, how in the world are you on part 17 already? I'M ONLY ON PART FREAKING GIVE OF MINE!!!

    Supergirl....Yo u are SUPERGIRL!!

  • Wait WHAT? Zach? :o *runs to read part 18*


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