Good Parenting Skills

This quiz to aid in those people who are thinking of having children or do have them and how the rate. Should they have thought things through before taking the leap into parenthood. It is the biggest job in the world, but one of the easiest to fall into.

Do you have what it takes to be considered a "GOOD PARENT"? Are you up to the challenge of being honest with yourself and honest enough to read the results.

Created by: Melinda of My Space Profile
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  1. Youre in a mall shopping and there are several kids screaming, you
  2. Your nephew is having his 8th birhtday party and it is a pool party, you:
  3. Your kid lies to you, you react by:
  4. In the theater, a child is turing around staring at you, you:
  5. Your child has a science project due in two days, you decide to:
  6. For your childs birthday and you haven't bought a present, you:
  7. While jogging in the park you smile at:
  8. When told you are too harsh with your child, you respond by:
  9. You want to go out, but you have no sitter, you:
  10. Your afraid of clowns, but your daughter wants one at her party, so you:

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