Golden sun adept quiz

In the game series of golden sun, the playable characters are called adepts. Adepts are warriors with power over the 4 elements (wind, fire, earth and water) the element power is called psynergy. However, adepts can only have power over 1 element

If you were an adept, what element would you harness? Jupiter (wind), Mars (fire), Venus (earth) or Mercury (water). Take this personality quiz to find out

Created by: Daniel

  1. If you could choose a power what would it be?
  2. If you had to fight a monster with your team what would be your tactics
  3. How would others describe you?
  4. What's your fav colours
  5. What's your fav out of these
  6. Who is your fav golden sun character
  7. What is your deadliest enemy?
  8. What is your worst fear
  9. By the way that last question had no effect whatsoever on your result😝
  10. What adept do you want to be
  11. Out of these, who would you summon to help you in a fight?

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