what golden sun character r u?

golden sun is a great video game with amazing characters find out which character you are! golden sun is a video game for game boy advance and i recomend buying it imediately.

the power of alchemy is about to be unleshed on the world! find out which golden sun character you are! the power of alchemy is in wind water earth and fire! find out which adept you are!

Created by: ace peacock

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  1. u are walking in a dungeon and u find a chamber with a tablet in the center. but a giant serpent is guarding it. u weaken the serpent by letting light flow into the room,now what?
  2. there are a group of pirates attacking a town what do u do?
  3. there is a treasure cheast....
  4. pick a element and a reason why...
  5. if you liked a girl you would?
  6. ok almost there, what is ur favorite summon?
  7. you are a?
  8. ur worst enemy is?
  9. do u like golden sun one or two better?
  10. who do u want to be?
  11. lastly did u enjoy this quiz?

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