Godly Parent PJO

Are you a fan of Percy Jackson? Become a demigod and find out your godly parent!! Follow our instagram: camp__half.blood 💖👊💖👊💖👊💖👊💖👊💖👊💖👊!

Our instagram is where you can get involved in PJ competitions, look at fan photos and even get claimed by your godly parent!! Plz follow us!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Noahmizer23

  1. Favorite Animal
  2. Favorite Hobbie
  3. Favorite Color
  4. Favorite Place
  5. Weapon of choice
  6. Favorite Element
  7. Favorite Sport
  8. Favorite Character
  9. Which would you do
  10. What's your personality
  11. What pet do you have?

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