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Want to know your godly parent? So you would have an idea when you went to camp half blood? Well I complete this quiz in order to find out where you would most likely belong!

This quiz is so young demigods can find out who their godly parent is. In the results it explains who the parent is and a bit about them and also what to maybe keep in mind for the future.

Created by: Jay
  1. If you were walking some where in the city and some one dressed in black pulls you into an alley, he has a gun in his belt and the mist forms it into a sword, what do you do?
  2. On a summer day what are you most likely found to be doing?
  3. Favourite colour off the colour wheel?
  4. Heroic or Peaceful death?
  5. Favourite god/goddess?
  6. Favourite letter of the Alphabet (random I know)?
  7. What is your best skill?
  8. Roman or Greek?
  9. Girly or Tomboy?
  10. Excited to see the answers?

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Quiz topic: My godly parent