Girly, Not or in Between

there ar many girly girls out there but if you really wanna know if your cool to hang with the guys or if your total prep materail if you go with the guys or crush on the guys or to find out what you really act like around others or when your not with others take the quiz

so if you wanna know if your total girl or not so much or just prove to a friend your such a girly girl or your really not or even if you totally know how you are you can take this quiz for a friend or prove your right about someone you dont like so take the quiz and have some fun

Created by: tiara
  1. do you totally obcess over your make up
  2. do you have to have the perfect outfit or have an obcession with clothes
  3. must your hair be perfect
  4. do you have a rep to up hold and can you like not be seen with dorks even if there your freind
  5. if someone like totally dises your outfit like what do you do
  6. must your boyfriend be super hot
  7. what do you love to spend your dads money on
  8. are you outspoken and get what you want or are you quiet or complain alittle when you dont get your way
  9. why do you like school
  10. are u on a toast diet

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