How Girly Are You?

There are many levels of girly. Are you a ultra girly girl... Or are you just a pure tom boy. Find out your results by taking this quiz. If your a guy, then take this quiz for kicks to see if your a ultra girly man or a man of men!

So Take the challenge find out if you are high maintenance, low maintenance, or just plain related to Jessica Simpson. You can find everything you need to know, in this one little quiz oh rama. (Yeah I'm trying to fill up space here, give me a break!!) LOL.

Created by: sarah
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  1. How Many pairs of shoes do you own?
  2. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
  3. How many school girl outfits do you own?
  4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  5. When I see a bug I...
  6. When do you ware make-up?
  7. Schindler's List made me...
  8. How many bottles of perfume do you own?
  9. Bambii is...
  10. I own this many Bows and ribbons.
  11. At home I ware
  12. I sleep in
  13. I drive a
  14. What is 100/10
  15. What is Pi?
  16. When a guy takes me out I expect?
  17. I have had plasic surgery.
  18. I would consider plastic surgary for...
  19. I ridicule others for...
  20. Head games are...
  21. My favorite movie is.
  22. My favorite color is.
  23. What does the word Onomotopeia mean?

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Quiz topic: How Girly am I?