How girly are you (girls only)

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This quiz is to see how girly you actually are cause I know a lot of people who say that they aren’t girly but they SO are and you don’t want to be one of those people so take this quiz and it will let you know how girly you actually are

I had a lot of fun making this quiz and I hope you have fun taking this quiz lol I’m a poet and I don’t know it haha haha yes I know I’m super weird but still you will love this quiz

Created by: Mira

  1. What colour is your hair
  2. How long is your hair
  3. How do you wear your hair
  4. What colour are your eyes
  5. What pyjamas do you wear
  6. What’s your favourite animal
  7. What’s your favourite colour
  8. What shoes do you wear
  9. How many pillows do you have when you make your bed
  10. What’s your favourite wild animal
  11. What’s your favourite sport
  12. What do you wear everyday in spring and summer

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Quiz topic: How girly am I (girls only)