How girly are you?!?!!

Want to find out how girly you are now? In completing this fun, entertaining, short quiz you will find out! Are you super girly or not so much

You may get the result you expected or you might be completely surprised! The questions I have made in my quiz are accurate and will tell you an honest, reliable result. But remember if you want an honest result you must be honest in answering the questions.

Created by: ange

  1. Out of these which is your favourite outfit to wear?
  2. Which female actress do you wish you were most like?
  3. What shape figure do you have?
  4. Who do you fing the hottest out of the following?
  5. What is your dream gift to get on valentines day?
  6. What is your favourite type of shoe?
  7. Do you sleep with a soft toy?
  8. Do you like mud?
  9. What do you look for in a guy?
  10. What is your dream wedding dress?!
  11. How often do you look in the mirror?
  12. Are you a perfectionist?
  13. Do you enjoy exercise?
  14. Do you take a long time in the bathroom?
  15. What is your most annoying habit?
  16. Which of these annoys you the most?
  17. Do you enjoy shopping?
  18. Do you wear makeup?
  19. How is your posture?
  20. Do you swear?

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Quiz topic: How girly am I?!?!!