which pet would make a fab sidekick for you?

Many people want pets or want to be a superhero. Well, with this quiz, your child(children) will have that dream come true. They will see how they can choose a perfect pet and be super boy or girl with a sidekick.

Will you want to make your own quiz? It is simple. There is one main question and you ask someone little questions to see what there answer is. EX: ' you are a girly girl or ' your lucky number is 28'.

Created by: Cleo Marie Grosser
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Spa day?
  2. Sports day?
  3. Lunch with crush?
  4. Jealous of?
  5. Favorite holiday?
  6. Parents are...
  7. Bugs are...
  8. I'm a nerd...
  9. Read how many books now?
  10. Hobbies?

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