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  • Well I took this quiz a few days ago and it said he sees me as a friend. Today was a dance and he asked me out to it last minute, as friends. So we were having fun and dancing silly but when a slow song came on, I sat near a bench and he came over and asked me to dance with a little blush on his cheeks. We slow danced for two songs straight and then kissed. Then I asked him if we would date, and he said yes. Quizzes aren't always accurate! Don't give up!

  • Girls: Does he like you? (Even if he's shy)
    Your Result: He Likes You!

    Why not ask him out? If you're unsure, I'd say wait a little bit and see what happens; it's the safest thing to do. But if you're feeling confident, and if you like him, then go for it, girl!

    Yea!!! Thx!!! 10/10

  • yeah um...too late he already asked me!!!! :):):):):):):) Now we're just strategizing past my papa.


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