Ghost Week Quiz

There are many experiences with ghosts and spirits, but not all people believe that these experiences are "real". So are you a believer? Do you think ghosts really exist?

Do you believe ghosts exist? Have you had an experience of your own? Thanks to our Ghost Week and this quiz, you may have an answer to your questions in just a few minutes

Created by: Caridad Pineiro of Caridad Pineiro, Satisfying no matter what mood you are in
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  1. Do you believe the spirits of the dead can remain behind?
  2. Have you ever felt the presence of a ghost?
  3. Have you ever seen the physical apparition of a ghost?
  4. Do you believe in spirit orbs?
  5. Do ghosts scare you?
  6. Would you like to meet a ghost or make contact with a spirit?
  7. Have you ever visited a haunted place?
  8. Do you love watching shows about ghosts?
  9. Do you believe mortals can make contact with ghosts or spirits?
  10. Would you ever attempt to make contact?

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