Ghost story (Part 1)

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Created by: godofminecraft56
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  1. Introduction: Jake was looking outside the window, but saw nothing, nothing but darkness. He looked for someone outside, he did not know who or what it was but he was looking, looking at a figure he could just see in the distance. All he could see was the figures eye, white, dull, inhumane. The figure looked at Jake and he turned his head away sharply, throwing himself onto the bed and curling up in ball. He wrapped his blanket tightly around himself, refusing to look, no matter what happened he would not look. Hours later he let his curiosity take over, he put down a blanket and looked around the room. He saw a small child, with the same white, dull and inhumane eyes as of the figure he saw outside. He was wanted to run but he couldn’t move, his body didn’t respond. The child slowly walked towards him, giggling and smiling. They child was right next to him now, still smiling. He brushed his arms across Jake’s skin and whispered into his ear “I won’t kill you.. Yet” The child started laughing uncontrollably and disappeared in an explosion of blood. Jake got up, he was shacking so much that he could barely walk. He walked towards the window and opened it, he climbed out and jumped fearing of what the ghostly child has told him... Then all you could hear was a loud crack.
  2. Three days later. Jake was at the local hospital, he survived the fall but broke several of his bones. He had to be supervised by at least 5 people to calm him down at night, he had nightmares about the child. Each night he would start shaking uncontrollably and screaming, screaming for the child that wasn’t there to get off him, to leave him alone, to not hurt him. His nightmares continued night after night, he swore the he could sometimes see the child hiding in the dark corridors of the hospital, or in the shadows in the corner of his room. He did not know who the child was, didn’t know it’s gender, age, power or the child’s true purpose. He knew only one thing, he was dead. The child would come for him sooner or later to murder him, without any sympathy or mercy.
  3. To his surprise the child stopped appearing, Jake was frightened at first but then became more relaxed, way too relaxed. One silent night Jake had a good dream, a nice dream about him surrounded by kittens, many kittens. Then all of a sudden they started eating each other, ripping the flesh of each other. Jake was already hiding, his dream turned into a nightmare and he woke up, he did not scream. He didn’t want to alert the others. He got out of bed and walked towards the door, the door would not move an inch. He heard that same giggling again, that same giggling and he knew that it was the child. He turned around quickly with his eyes closed, he felt something touch him which sent shivers down his spine. His eyes opened, once again he could not control his body.
  4. The child appeared in front of him, it was holding around 10 needles and then the child spoke “Hi Jake, I haven’t seen you for a while” The child then stabbed one needle into Jakes arm, then leg, then many more times into both his arms. The child was giggling, licking the blood of Jakes blood. Then it picks up a syringe and jabs it into Jakes stomach. Jake feels his body getting heavier, much heavier. He feels himself regain consciousness and he falls, falls to the ground bleeding. He did not have enough energy to shout, he could only whisper. That was of no help to him, so he just lied there, slowly bleeding to his death. Then he sees the child laughing, but his hearing is very poor from the loss of blood, so the laughter is faint. The child then takes something from Jakes bed and disappears into the shadows.
  5. This was quite small I know.

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